harwareWe provide a wide variety of hardware for customers. We can provide servers, desktops, laptops, printers, monitors and networking hardware such as switches or routers. Also we can provide upgrades or replacement parts such as hard drives, extra RAM, PC expansion cards, or replacement keyboards for laptops.

As well as providing these we will also install them for you if you wish.


softwareWe can supply a wide range of software for customers, this can be anything from antivirus software to operating system upgrades. Here is a list of some of the software that we can provide; antivirus, Microsoft Office, operating system upgrades, accounting software and much more.


networkIf your company is looking for help or guidance with a Network then we can offer a solution for you. Whether it is linking a couple of pc’s or installing a server to run your office pc’s,  then we can do this for you. Using Fujitsu Siemens Servers your business will run smoothly.


Here are some examples of the repairs that we do. One of the main type of repairs we do is malware removal, this ranges from adware that displays adverts to viruses that will completely lock your computer up. We can remove the smaller malware such as spyware to the larger malware called ransomware. Another one of the main repairs we do is problems with hard drives. With these problems if the hard drive is broke beyond repair we will do our best to get the data off it and install a new hard drive in your computer.

On going Support

We are very proud of the level of support we offer to our customers. We are available virtually any time of day to be contacted even out of office hours. Many of our callouts are done on site.  We believe this is the best way of serving our customers so we become part of their team. On going support can be done on a callout basis or if you prefer a monthly retainer can be agreed.

Off site Backup / Disaster Recovery

img_onsite_supportWe work closely with Cloud Direct to offer our customers off site backup and disaster recovery solutions. Whether it is a single user pc or a server we can offer a solution. Typically on a Network  Server,  we can back this up every 15 minutes and send to the data vaults in the cloud. This ensures if the worst happens the data in the cloud is only 15 minutes old !.

Datafile Software

Datafile Accounting Software package is different to many others. The system allows us to Bespoke the system to suit your companies requirements to allow the software to work in the way in which you want it.  

We have been main agents for Datafile Software since 1992 and have extensive knowledge of this software since its introduction in the early 1980’s .  Having such a deep knowledge of this package allows us to configure the system in the way you want it to work for your business.