Datafile Business Accountancy Software Shrewsbury & Telford

If you’re looking for a functional, flexible, easy to use and cost-effective accountancy solution for your business then Datafile is the choice for you. Their integrated suite of business management and accounting software gives you everything you need to streamline and grow your business. And, thanks to its modular design you only need to buy the software elements that your business needs. At S E Computer Services, we’re experts in the installation, setup and customisation of Datafile software and are a registered partner so get in touch with our team today on 01743 588 620 to find out more.

Datafile Software is suitable for a huge range of applications and is designed to work the way that your business works while helping you to automate time-consuming business processes. Thanks to its scripted parameter-driven on/off functionality the modular systems can be completely tailored to the needs of your business without the added expense of bespoke system development costs.

Software applications

There are hundreds of business applications for the Datafile software which go far beyond the limitations of most accountancy solutions. With a host of built-in third-party integration tools for software as well as E-business, stock and webshop applications, Datafile offers a full suite of business modules. Some of the business modules available include:
• System manager
• Sales ledger
• Stock control
• Payroll
• Batch and serial number tracking

These are just a small sample of the available modules so please do get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements by calling us on 01743 588 620.

Reasons to choose Datafile business and accountancy software

Datafile software has been around since 1985 and offers advanced functionality that you just don’t get with other solutions. The modular system allows it to adapt to your way of doing business and give you the control you need over processes. Key features of the software include

Cloud or On-Premise

Datafile can be set up to run in the cloud on traditional web servers or can be run in-house on your own servers.

Robust and Secure

Control who is able to access functions and data in your organisation and empower users without losing control over security.

Business Intelligence

Real-time business performance is a necessity to help enable your business to be as efficient as possible. The Datafile software allows custom workflows, reports and dashboards to be set up to help you maximise opportunities.

Value for Money

Tired of paying for functionality that you don’t need? With the modular approach employed by Datafile you only need to pay for the modules that you need and the seats you need.

To find out more about integrating Datafile with your business for improved efficiencies and increased profitability get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.